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In the Path of Destruction!

Speed and Destruction

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In the deep open sea tsunamis move at speeds approaching a jet aircraft (500 mph or more). As they approach the shore, they slow down. When a tsunami arrives at the shore, it usually does so as a rapidly rising tide moving at about 70 km/hour (45 mph). Beyond the tremendous destruction of life that tsunamis cause, they have also caused massive physical damage. They have entirely destroyed buildings and left towns looking like a nuclear war zone. They have lifted boats high out of the water and violently hurled them against the shore, smashing them to pieces. They have bent parking meters all the way down to the ground. In one incredible story during the huge tsunami in Lituya Bay Alaska, a boat with two people in it was carried from the bay over treetops and over the land out into the ocean. The people survived to tell the tale.





In these two pictures you can see the amount of damage to these buildings and homes that can be cause by a single tsunami alone.

By: Robbie & Colin                 SNC 2D1 2005-06 GR.10