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In the Path of Destruction!

Interesting Facts

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  1. Did you know that a Tsunami can travel as fast as a commercial jet plane, reaching speeds over 800km per hour or 500miles per hour.
  2. Tsunamis travel much slower in shallower coastal waters where their wave heights begin to increase dramatically. This is caused by friction from the ocean floor.
  3. Did you know that a Tsunami can reach more  than 100 feet tall (30 1/2 meters) and flatten whole villages.
  4. Did you know that in Japanese Tsunami stands for "Great Harbour Wave"
  5. Did you know that Tsunamis occur all the time around the pacific coast and kill thousands of people yearly.
  6. Did you know that in the deep ocean Tsunamis go undetected by boats and people, because they may only be a foot  high.





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